Here’s to not being perfect.

Perfection is a tricky thing, whether it be food or a song. But when it comes to being the “perfect” person, is it possible? I’ve recently learnt that, no matter what you or I do, it’s really not something that humans are meant to be.


I don’t believe that striving to be “perfect” is a terrible thing, yet it is what usually prevents us from achieving the real purpose of our lives, being ourselves. As a person, I really don’t believe I am, or ever will be, anything close to perfect as my character, my thoughts, my actions, all the things that make me are intertwined with flaws and issues. I could never say I’m amazing or brilliant because, me being me, that seems a little exaggerated.


Being totally honest, I can easily tell you my main issues as I’ve recently learnt to understand them, not pretend they don’t exist. My biggest problem? I can overstress about the tiniest and smallest things that I make way too complicated. I might say something to somebody that probably meant very little to them, but I will play the moment over and over again in my mind to check for anything that could lead to some form of disaster that has never really occurs. That’s one big flaw that can lead to so much confusion for others and myself and, therefore, brings on a disaster from the stress rather than the actually I was stressing over. This flaw also leads to my other negatives such as being very irritating, clingy, whiney, pathetic, weak-minded and (as proved in this long list) someone who seems to be a fan of destroying themselves, leading to a lack of confidence, the biggest issue of the lot.


This confidence issue is clear in many of my actions. If I have feelings for someone, there’s no way they’re finding out as I already tell myself there’s a 100% chance that it’s going to end badly. If there’s a test coming up do I get in the zone? No chance because I’m told by me that I’ll just fail anyway. Its a constant factor that always wins the debates in my mind. But I lack confidence because I am not perfect and, considering the world and society we live in, I highly doubt I’m the only one.


Perfection is a goal that stops us from being perfect. So how do we deal with it, how do we change to be perfect so people see us in the best light possible? We don’t. It’s so simple because the point of us being ourselves it to be our own person and nobody else. I recently had a breakdown because of the fact I’m not big, confident or strong, and that I am actually quite weak, both body and mind. So I talked to a close friend to see what to do to change. However, they told me there’s no need as it is good to be the way I am, it’s only human to have feelings. I now carry all their kind words (that I’m very grateful for by the way so thank you, person who knows who they are) and use them to always remind myself that flaws are what make us better and unique people.


This basically sums up my first ever impact on the internet world, that we are all human, we all have flaws and nobody is perfect. This seems like a very negative end but it’s far from that. It’s all built up to my little piece of advice to the people living lives in fear of themselves: Perfect is only a word, letters on a page. You are more than just a word, you are real.



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